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Position: Project introduction » Tad, the Lost Explorer

Tad, the Lost Explorer

Tad, the Lost Explorer

Film Information

Director: Enrique Gato
Writers: Verónica Fernández | Jordi Gasull | Neil Landau | Javier López Barreira | Gorka Magallón | Ignacio del Moral
Stars: Kerry Shale | Fiona Glascott | Adam James | Lewis Macleod
Genre: Animation | Adventure
Production Country / Area: Spain
Language: English | Spanish
Release Date: September 14, 2012 (Mainland China)

Film Synopsis

Construction worker Tad wants to be a famous archaeologist. He gets a chance to look for a lost Inca city in Peru, where the gold was hidden. He meets the professor's cute daughter/assistant. Villains chase them.

Video Materials

Tad, the Lost Explorer